The following is a broad based outline of a full programme offered by PMI Value Architects - from value-analysis to full alignment of an organization behind the value-uniqueness which might otherwise lie latent or under-utilized. 

For examples of the methodology on action please see case studies. 

PMI Value Architects example Services within the Value-Uniqueness Process

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Portfolio analysis to identify the new 'optimum' product/service groupings

Latent legacy business evaluation  

Re-positioning for a higher multiple (valuation)

Architecture of business units and brands

Leadership Buy-In and Organisational alignment

Identify new ‘core business’

Vision mapping & strategy articulation

Market analysis for growth opportunities

Proactive cultural management

Ongoing measurement of key market KPIs 


WOULD real-life examples help......

Where has Value-Uniqueness been deployed by The PMI Value Architects?

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