A fast, structured approach to identify the value-uniqueness in a post-merger integration to ensure 1+1≥ 3.
Focus on the extraordinary.

Post-merger integrations (PMIs) are challenging, always unique, usually run behind schedule and tend to be dominated by the 'mechanics' and cost-synergies of integration - often ignoring the true value-add reason for the merger in the first place. Whether the merger, acquisition or carve-out is driven by consolidation, a distressed purchase, geographic or product expansion, threatened competitive advantage or a drive to improve scalability, the real deal rationale is often lost in the challenges of bringing two or more completely individual companies (or groups of companies) together for the benefit of shareholders. 

The PMI Value Architects is a unique consultancy that works alongside Change teams, the CEO's office, Chief Strategy Officer or private equity investor to focus purely on identifying the value-uniqueness in a merger and to help activate the organization to deliver on the potential locked inside i.e. to ensure the new whole is worth more than the sum of the parts. Maximize your potential.  

Tragically, 70% of mergers fail to deliver against shareholder expectations*.
Perhaps there is a better way...? 

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