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Some of our clients describe their branding experience.

What drives us is the need to truly understand a business, the drivers, the market, the culture, the products/services. Using this insight we dig deeper to unearth what is at the business's core. Our challenge, and fulfilment, is the creation of a compelling, authentic written and verbal articulation of the business that delivers real value to the business.

We use branding as a business tool. Our methodology is tried and tested but is always focused on the objectives of each individual client. Our outcomes approach involves us working in partnership at board level to deliver on the business’s objectives.

Benefits of working with Brand Architects

Some clients discuss the branding process, and what it's like to work with Brand Architects.

Outcomes Focused

80% of the value of Fortune 500 companies is made up of intangibles including brand value. 
Source: Gartner

How would you describe BrandArchitects

“I chose Brand Architects because it was quite clear from the outset that there were foundations there for me to put together a business case for branding and for me to understand really what branding meant and the component parts. With that business vision I could then go to the board at Totaljobs Group get their buy, it in eliminated the kind of fluffy nature if branding which some other agencies put forward.”
Michael Robinson, Totaljobs Group

We work with businesses from a wide range of sectors. What they all share is they are ambitious, growth-oriented mid-cap business. If you are...


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